Hello and welcome! We specialize in bringing you high quality Tillandsias (air plants), holders, displays, gifts and fertilizer. All of our air plants are hand selected to ensure top quality and health. From driftwood displays to magnets we offer many choices to display your air plants. Our products are handmade with love in Southern California and our air plants are sourced from a local nursery. We take great pride in bringing you top quality air plant displays and guarantee they will brighten your home or office.

Our shop opened 2016 in the sunny surf town Ventura, located in Southern California. We absolutely love Tillandsias (air plants) and displaying them in different holders and displays. That's why we created this online store with stylish and unique air plant holders, displays and magnets. Almost all of our product is handmade by us with high quality material. Our Tillandsias are sourced from a local nursery that we personally visit and hand pick to ensure top quality.

We are certain you will enjoy our shop as much as we enjoyed creating it. We take pride in our products, quality and customer service and are very knowledgeable about the needs, health and requirements of many different species.

If you ever have questions about Tillandsias (particular species, care etc...) feel free to ask us and we will be happy to help! Our access to Tillandsias are not limited to what is on our site so please contact us if you're interested in a particular species whether it be common, hybrid or rare.


-Steve & Lalita