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Brighten up your home with this adorable blue sea urchin 3 pack air plant display with air plants. They sit easily on any flat surface and the air plants are not glued in place so you can easily take them out to water. Or you can water them in the sea urchins if you wish.

• You will receive air plant care instructions and 3 healthy air plants with your urchins.

PLEASE NOTE: We pick the best air plants that fit inside the shells and based on availability. If you’re interested in a plant shown in one of the photos please contact us and we will see if it’s available.


Sea Urchins: approximately 2 inches wide and 1½ inches tall
Air Plants: between 2-2½ inches tall and 1-1½ inches wide

Prefer just one? Click here for the single blue urchin.

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Our blue urchin 3 pack air plant holders will add some sunshine and beach into your home. A perfect display for your beach home. They also make wonderful gifts for friends and family! Display them pretty much anywhere that will receive bright indirect sunlight like on your dresser, desk or window sill! The air plants are very easy to care for, just place them in bright indirect light and mist them 2-4 times per week with distilled or filtered water (or you can soak them for 30 minutes once to twice a week).

New To Air Plants? Learn More!

What are air plants? Their technical name is Tillandsia and they are one of the few plants out there that don’t require dirt to thrive. They are epiphytes which means they use their roots as grabbers to attach to trees and rocks instead of using them in the dirt. Some air plant species actually do use their roots in dirt but there aren’t too many like that. Air plants receive nutrients through their leaves by way of tiny little trichomes. Water and air both can have the nutrients they need to thrive and grow bigger. Air plants are very slow growing compared to most other plants and you might not see any noticeable growth for a year or two! Air plants are also related to the more commonly known bromeliad which you will see quite often at nurseries or grocery stores.

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