Set of 3 Light Wood Air Plant Magnets

Set of 3 Light Wood Air Plant Magnets


These lovely black air plant magnets are made with real light colored redwood. They are varnished with a weather resistant semi-gloss finish. High strength rare earth magnets are then attached to the back of each pot. At only 1/16 inch thick it makes the magnet look flush against the surface you attach it to. Be sure not to attach magnet to computers or hard drives.

PLEASE NOTE: Species of air plants vary with season and availability so it may be different from what is shown in the photo. We strive to match up your air plant with its pot for the best appearance. If you really are set on a particular species please contact us and we will check availability.

• Air plants & care instructions included!

• Over time your plant may outgrow your pot.


Magnet: 1.5 x 1.5 inches
Hole Diameter: 3/4 inch and approximately 1 inch deep
Air Plants: Between 1-3 inches tall

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Are you looking for cute, tiny air plant holders that you can stick to a refrigerator or magnet board? Look no further, our wonderful air plant magnets are just what you are looking for. Colorful and modern, these air plant holders will add touch of color and freshness to your fridge or magnet board! The air plant is included with the magnet and can easily be removed to water. Mist the cute little air plant 2-4 times per week or if you have a busy schedule soak for 30 minutes once a week. If you have little kids they can help you water them! These air plant magnets also make really great gifts for holidays, birthdays and even party favors or wedding gifts!

New To Air Plants? Learn More!

What are air plants? Their technical name is Tillandsia and they are one of the few plants out there that don’t require dirt to thrive. They are epiphytes which means they use their roots as grabbers to attach to trees and rocks instead of using them in the dirt. Air plants get food through their leaves by way of tiny little trichomes. Water and air both have the nutrients they need to thrive and grow bigger while in the wild. When living inside a home they need fertilizer once per month, especially if they are being watered with distilled water. Most air plants are slow growers and sometimes you won’t see any noticeable growth for a year or two! Air plants are also related to the more commonly known bromeliad which you will see quite often at nurseries or grocery stores.

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Sign up for our Newsletter! We will have lots of articles about tillandsias where you will learn more about the species and receive more in depth care information. Not only that you will also receive discounts, sales, promotions, giveaways and freebies! And that’s not all, by signing up for our newsletter you will receive a beautiful free e-book called “The Tillandsia In Bloom Vol. 1” which features 20 beautiful photos of air plants flowering. We guarantee you’ll love it!

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