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Tillandsia juncifolia

Tillandsia juncifolia


Tillandsia juncifolia is a hardy air plant and does best being misted 2-4 times per week (more when it’s dry, less when humid). If you have a busy schedule or forget to mist often then you can soak this air plant for 30 minutes once per week. Always make sure it’s fully dry within 4 hours after watering and avoid placing in any partially enclosed spaces (e.g. vases) until it’s fully dry. Juncifolias love a good amount of bright light and air flow, so be sure to place it by a bright window or under a bright full spectrum lamp and blow a fan on it from time to time, especially after watering. It will love you for it.

Each Tillandsia is hand picked and cared for with love while waiting to meet its new owner. Please Note that each Tillandsia will vary slightly in shape, size and color and can have small blemishes as they are real, living plants. We always inspect each one thoroughly to ensure that the plants are 100% healthy before sending.


• Native to Guatemala
• Bloom color: Purple


• 10 – 12 inches tall

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Tillandsia juncifolia is a lovely grassy air plant with very thin leaves. It’s a very attractive species and can be used in various types of displays including wreaths and vases. Be sure to not enclose it fully as it does need air flow to stay healthy. Juncifolia is a very easy air plant to care for and a great one for beginner air plant enthusiasts, or anyone that wants to display a lovely air plant in their home. Like most air plants, these can live a very long time with the proper care.

New To Air Plants? Learn More!

What are air plants? Their technical name is Tillandsia and they are one of the few plants out there that don’t require dirt to thrive. They are epiphytes which means they use their roots as grabbers to attach to trees and rocks instead of using them in the dirt. Some air plant species actually do use their roots in dirt but there aren’t too many like that. Air plants receive nutrients through their leaves by way of tiny little trichomes. Water and air both can have the nutrients they need to thrive and grow bigger. Air plants are very slow growing compared to most other plants and you might not see any noticeable growth for a year or two! Air plants are also related to the more commonly known bromeliad which you will see quite often at nurseries or grocery stores.

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